Bare Bites

Client Challenge:

How does a pet treat company give their brand some bite?

Bare Bites is a woman-owned business in Frederick, MD that creates and sells locally-sourced, 100% natural treats for dogs, cats and horses.


With a great idea, a fantastic product and a passion for the mission, all that Bare Bites lacked was brand recognition and professional polish. They needed a look and feel that was fun, bright and easy on the eyes.


Think Baseline created a bold, colorful brand identity that gave the business a happy and eye-catching look. From logo to package design, the playful typography and vibrant palette helped this company stand out on the shelves.


Bare Bites has grown exponentially; in just three years they went from local to national distribution, with products sold in 35 states. After launching Think Baseline’s brand magic, the company is seeing a 30-40% sales increase per month compared to the previous year.


Logo Design (Series)

Secondary Logo Design (Series)

Brand Messaging

Bare Bites Packaging Design

Yam Jams Packaging Design

Brew-Yahs Packaging Design

Flax Jax Packaging Design

Sticker Design

T-shirt Design


“Think Baseline has helped take my company to a new level. I am constantly getting compliments on my packaging designs, to which I attribute an increase in sales. As my company continues to expand I am looking forward to our continued relationship with Think Baseline.”

— Allison Levitt, Founder, Bare Bites