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We are always excited to work with start-ups, and help them to realize their vision and establish their brand. Our Brand 360° Assessment is the perfect place to start, especially when you’re not sure exactly where to begin. We explore the ins and outs of your company, while helping to establish goals, realize opportunities, and ultimately build a stunning and relevant brand that resonates with your target audience.

We worked closely with Case Search, starting with our Brand 360° Assessment, to develop brand messaging and a powerful brand aesthetic. The result — a brand that feels established, trustworthy and 100% professional.

We developed a tagline and a value statement which was used across all of their branded marketing materials. Check it out:

Case Search: Customized Data for Targeted Legal Marketing

Searching for current criminal offense data? Using your state database can be a limiting experience, with slow turnaround and no options for customization. Case Search provides a smart solution for judiciary searches that saves time and zeros in on your exact parameters.

This exclusive, subscription-based service lets you compose targeted searches based on criteria like age, location, gender and race. Each search can then be further refined and put into a doc for mail merge, allowing you to directly route information for your preferred method of contact. This fast, customized and seamless approach to case searching helps you reach more people in a more effective and targeted way.


Case Search Brand Board


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