How to wake up a boring brand (without bruising your bottom line).

Is your brand feeling a bit out of date…or totally expired? The process of rebranding can seem daunting for a company, both time-wise and financially. So how can you wake up a tired brand without spending a fortune?

Who’s a good candidate for a brand refresh?

If your brand is feeling a bit fatigued due to years of the same look and feel, it might be time for a refresh. But if your desire for a sexy new logo is coming just a year or so after launching your business, you’re going to want to take a pause. Brands need time to gain traction, trust, and visibility. So how do you know if a brand refresh is right for you?

  • You’re an established business with a very dated look. If you’ve been around for a while, and your logo, color palette, and general look is feeling a bit stale, it might be time for a change.
  • You’re expanding your business offerings or merging with another business. Whether you’ve grown your business via acquisition of another, or you’re adding on new services, it’s a great time for a brand refresh.
  • You didn’t invest in your brand upfront. A lot of businesses just want to get up and running, so the aesthetics of the brand aren’t the focus. You may have thrown together a logo, or not really created much branding at all. It may be time to get your brand up to speed with your business.
  • The competition looks better. If your competitors have shinier, more effective brands, it can be a great time to re-examine yours and see what can be polished and improved.


How extensive should your rebrand be?

Refreshing your brand doesn’t need to be an ordeal. Making a few key changes can really boost your presence and your company confidence. A few ways to do this are:

  • Change up your color palette. Is your old orange and brown logo looking like a couch from the 70s? Choosing fresher, more striking colors for your brand can breathe a lot of life into everything from your logo to your website.
  • Create a new tagline. Whether you have no tagline or one that no longer does your brand justice, a smart new tagline can boost your brand, make you more memorable, and give your business a more clear voice.
  • Start small and work from there. You can start with a new logo for your brand, and then let that inform further changes. Just be sure that your logo is still recognizable as your business, so that current customers aren’t left behind.
  • Change your tone. Is your content putting you to sleep? Is it truly representative of your company’s personality? If not, putting a new spin on your messaging is a great way to give your brand new life.


What’s stopping you?

Rebranding can be an intimidating prospect. From the financial aspect to the bandwidth and resources required to brainstorm, create, and implement changes, many businesses put their brand on the back burner. So how do you move past the fear of refreshing?

  • Think smaller. There’s no need to hire the biggest, most expensive  branding agency around. Working with a smaller boutique agency provides you with cost savings, stronger collaboration, and more personal service.
  • Identify all of the possibilities, but don’t change them all at once. Once you have a wish list for refreshing your brand, don’t get overwhelmed. Start with one thing that can be changed with relative ease, and then work your way down the list. (Need help creating that list? Think Baseline offers a Brand 360° Assessment where we explore the ins and outs of your brand, identifying opportunities for growth and change. We’ll help create that list, so it’s much less overwhelming!)
  • Internal crowdsourcing. Your team knows your brand better than anyone. Get them on board for brainstorming and get valuable insights into what’s working and what isn’t.


You may end up wanting the whole brand enchilada.

Once you start seeing the potential for a fresher brand, you may realize that a lot needs to change, and you may want it all! That’s an exciting place to be in, but be sure you have the right support to move forward. You want to find a branding partner that understands what you want, shows you what you need, and has the creativity prowess and experience to help you move your brand into a shinier light.



Want to explore the possibilities of a brand refresh? The team at Think Baseline would love to discuss your brand needs. Set up a no obligation consult today and get on your way to a brand-new brand. Contact us!


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